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Attorney Vernon Jackson, Head of the Criminal Division
Vernon Jackson, Jr. has always been very passionate about defending the rights of the accused in criminal prosecutions. Growing up in impoverished inner city neighborhoods in Orlando Florida he saw friends, family members and others mistreated by police and represented poorly once entangled in the criminal justice system. With a serious commitment to his education and outstanding athletic ability, Attorney Jackson became a standout student at Maynard Evans High School. He was an all-conference football player, wrestler, and power-lifter, and earned a football scholarship to the University of Iowa.  As an undergraduate student at the University of Iowa, Attorney Jackson competed in the classroom with the same level of intensity that he brought to the playing field. He studied the various facets of the US criminal justice system intensely and developed a commitment to pursuing justice for those whom the system might otherwise trample. Attorney Jackson was an honor student, President of the Black Student Union, Student Government Senator and leader in the Campus Christian Athletes in Action organization. He graduated with honors in 2008 with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science.            
Because Attorney Jackson was well aware of the impact of the criminal justice system in the state of Florida, he decided to return home and attend Florida Coastal School of Law. He devoted extra attention in his studies to the US criminal justice system and the rights of the accused.  He was a dominant student, earning a Merit Scholarship and frequenting the Dean’s List in his three years at Florida Coastal.  To insure that he left law school prepared to practice on day one, Attorney Jackson worked for criminal defense firms in both Orlando and Jacksonville, while still in law school. He graduated with honors from Florida Coastal in 2011.
From the moment Attorney Jackson was sworn into the Florida Bar he has been representing clients in high stakes felony cases. Attorney Jackson has successfully defended clients facing serious charges such as drug possession, armed robbery, gun charges, battery with a deadly weapon, violation of probation, driving on suspended license and a variety of other criminal charges. Attorney Jackson takes pride in attacking each and every case from the start with dedication and intensity. This has enabled him to get many criminal cases dropped or dismissed early on in the process, which saves his clients stress, worry and money. Through study, preparation and fearlessness Attorney Jackson is always ready to fight for each of his clients.

Attorney Jackson’s interests outside of the law include spending time with his wife, reading, lifting weights, Mixed Martial Arts and most importantly, his spiritual relationship with God.